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Brigadier Thakur Zabar Singh MOBE (Member of the Order of British Empire), was the last Commanding Officer of the Jodhpur State Forces.

From the lineage of Sir Pratap Singh of Idar, he was born at the turn of the early twentieth century. 

His legacy in the history of the Lancers is remembered as one which encouraged equanimity, education for the masses, and stellar support for the downtrodden families of soldiers & martyrs; it is believed that the Brigadier helped many families financially as well as contributing to the welfare of widows and orphans by way of ensuring that they were given a livelihood and sound education.

The School, therefore, is an embodiment of his philosophy of kindness to all, and equality of opportunity for all.

“Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time.”

Rabindranath Tagore

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and think critically Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education. Whoever or wherever you are -Aspire to inspire and touch  lives and make a difference,be a better YOU.Be the BEING in Human

With deep rooted ethos and beliefs supported by a rich cultural heritage,The students at BZS,are taught how to do rather than what to do.The School helps them know themselves  better which is much required effort in today’s world where in the competitive quest of knowledge we are losing the vision for wisdom and are forgetting to turn mirrors into windows,.doubts into questions and kindness into action .Keeping facilitation and mentoring as the catalysts to initiate the learning process,the school dwells on the fundamentals of Simple living high thinking and experiential learning.

The vision of a robust education system is backed up by one of its kind infrastructure and ages old legacy to it.Standing tall with the infrastructure, is a brilliant team of educators,executors and helpers who work tirelessly with the sole purpose of making every learner a responsible citizen in coming years and their this journey with us full of enriching and memorable experiences.

As The Principal of this esteemed institution and part of the BZS school family,I feel humbled and elated to be able to make a difference in lives of our  students who  will be Monks by mind and Warriors by soul, which will make them unstoppable and invincible.

So let us share and grow 

Keep aspiring to inspire

Jai Hind

Mrs Pooja Yaduvir


BZS Sr Sec School



We are a CBSE-governed heritage school with an extended school program that prepares students as well as staff :

  1. To train in local and global leadership- for both teachers, in terms of delivering pedagogy, and students in terms of understanding what 21C skills are needed for acquiring jobs, etc in the future.
  2. To position the brand as a “heritage -world school”- rooted in Indian/Rajasthani traditions & culture, with a global perspective.
  3. We follow the guidelines of the NEP 2020, a revolutionary change brought in the Indian education system to strengthen the core idea of comprehensive and experiential learning and keep the wholesome progress of the child as the prime focus. 
  4. We offer affiliations with international bodies/ teacher-student exchange programs/ offer internship camps with relevant bodies to engage in better communication, planning, and giving children a practical approach about how their skills translate into the real world

We have a robust extended school program which includes:

  1. Riding School & Sports Classes (Cricket, Football, Basketball, TT, Martial Arts, indoor games, etc)
  2. Grooming & Personality -Public Speaking| Etiquettes and Soft skills| Counselling
  3. Socially responsible activities to inculcate life skills and value-based learning.
  4. International & National Educational Affiliations
  5. National and State Affiliations with Recreational & Sports bodies


Future Projects-

i.) NCC  ii.) Archery iii.) Art and Movement-based Programmes iv.) Coaching for entrance in Sainik, military, RIMC schools, and NDA    



List of Facilities

No. of Class Rooms: 42
No. of Labs: 8
No. of Library: 1
No. of Smart Classes: 16

General Facilities (Yes/No)

Indoor Games: Yes
Dance Room: Yes
Music Room: Yes
Health and Medical Check Up: Yes



Welcome to BZS Senior Secondary School !

Founded on the principles of Nation Building & Pride in One’s Heritage, the School’s ethos embodies a strong bond with our roots, always reaching upward and moving onward.

The Students are the fulcrum around which revolves the entire working of the School; to this end, we are on a Mission to Evolve with Time, Strengthened by the Vision to make this one of  Rajasthan’s foremost educational institutions.



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The growth and development of any country depends on the quality of education system of imparting knowledge and the teachers form the force that drives the education system.

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